Video gone viral. This small and stubborn dog caused so much traffic and headache for California drivers on the 10 San Bernardino Freeway.

Update- As per an SPCA rep, this is the dog, he’s OK, and looks like he can be adopted but please call! (909) 623-9777

Update 2- I’m getting new information that the dog above is not the I-10 freeway dog as there is a mandatory holding period.

BUT it looks like the actual dog’s owner in the video left a comment in this article below! The dog was brought into the Pomona SPCA by a police humane officer and was picked up by its owner earlier today. Here’s is Maya, the runaway dog and a video of the reunion.

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Update 3- I called CHP and dispatch relayed to me information per this incident that several people were trying to stop, no note was left that the dog was hit so the owner’s story checks out. CHP confirmed that, if the dog WAS hit, they’d leave a note saying so. No further information from CHP attached to this incident was left.

Update 4– I reached out to the Pomona Humane Society and they confirmed everything above.
“Hello, A dog was rescued from the 10 Freeway on St. Patrick’s day. A good samaritan was able to capture the dog and brought it to a local business. One of our
Humane Officers went to a business to bring the dog to our location. The dog
spent the night with us and the owners claimed it the following day. The dog
in your post is the dog we helped on Sunday. Thank you!
Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA

Update 5– Just look at them y’all. The guy who shot the video reunited with I-10 dog <3.

Why dogs, why? According to several drivers and Twitter user @YouKwait earlier yesterday (Mar. 17,2019) a loose dog caused major traffic and headaches for several freeway drivers in the middle of the afternoon on the 10 San Bernardino Freeway near Ontario, California. Without a collar, the dog ran and weaved in and out of traffic while cars slowed to a dog’s running pace so no one would run over it. Check out the twitter video gone viral below.

Spoiler alert, the rest of the story is a bit sobering so be warned. When drivers saw a dog running unattended by cars going freeway speeds, the first instincts these drivers had was to save this dog as best they could. That meant slowing down, creating a slow-moving barrier between the dog and traffic.

Several people risked life and limb, jumping out of their cars to catch the dog. Being as quick as it was, the dog evaded ALL who tried to catch it, one man even falling down.

People tried, they really did.

The person filming caught what is believed to be the final moments of the dog running by his camera. The dog makes a run away from his savers, jumps the center divider and into oncoming traffic.

With those cars running at freeway speeds, in all likelihood the poor little dog got hit.

When asked if he saw if the dog got hit, the filmer had this response below.

Dogs. We’d do anything for them, including making more traffic, and that means a lot in Los Angeles.

If you travel with your dog and you know it has a habit of being jumpy, make sure your pooch is secure. Learn a lesson from this unfortunate dog owner.

I’ll update all y’all if I hear any good news…or bad.

Why do dogs do this? Let me know in the comments below.


    • Thank you, Shareyl!!! I presume you work at the Inland Valley Humane, too? Do you have any more details about this particular dog (how it was brought in? tags?)

  1. The dog posted above goes up for adoption tomorrow- that couldn’t be the same dog. It would still be on a stray hold…

  2. I’m pretty sure its my dog in the video. My dog went missing Saturday and she wasn’t wearing her collar because I had just bathed her. The good news for my dog is she’s ok, a little freaked out but in good health. She was at the humane society in Pomona , I asked the attendant but all they could tell me was that she was brought in by a police officer.

    • Hi Cynthia! Thanks for updating us. Is the linked dog above yours, the one listed on the SPCA website? If so, I’d like to correct that. Will you be picking up your dog asap?

  3. No the dog that is posted above is not my dog. My dog is a female, they do look a lot alike. I picked her up today and miraculously she’s fine. Thank you all for saving her life.

    • Good to hear. If it’s OK, do you have a recent pic of her I can share here? You can link it by commenting or if you shoot me an e-mail with the photo to that would work too. Again, totally up to you.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      My name is Ruben Cueva and I am the person that filmed your dog on the freeway. Would you be willing to let me see the dog? I just wanted to make a video showing me with the dog since everyone keeps asking if the dog is alive. I am willing to drive to your location or a location that is comfortable with you. My email is

      Please and thank you!

    • Nope, dog is OK and reunited with its owner. I called CHP and they confirmed that there was an incident of cars stopping on the freeway to avoid hitting a dog and police did not leave a note saying any dog was hit, which they would do. Also, the owner showed up in these comments and provided me with photos and video of the dog.

  4. Are you positive this ladies dog is the dog? I original dog you posted only became available today, so it was in a holding period. I’m the person that made the video and is trying to adopt the original dog you posted bc I think it is the dog from the freeway.

    • Why would you want to adopt it? You laughed at the dog and people trying to capture the animal. You’re a sick bastard Ruben Cueva


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