This FD owner reunited with his beloved RX-7 if only for a moment and it’s guaranteed to make any car enthusiast shed a tear or two.

Earlier last week (Mar. 10, 2019) the second owner of this FD RX-7 decided to do the original owner a solid and pay the dude a visit to reassure him that his beloved RX-7 is A-OK. What happens next really made me well up inside both with warm feelings and admiration for both owners. Check out the awesome story below.

Mind you, when I say the original owner, I literally mean the original owner as in the first person to buy the car, new off the lot.

For whatever reason people end up selling their pride and joy, oftentimes to get them through rough financial spots although I don’t know what happened in this case.

The original owner surely loved his old FD. The challenge, as hinted at in the story, is finding a second owner that will take care of it as much as you did. I’ve come across far too many stories of second owners completing wrecking mint cars they just purchased from their first owners, hearing about it from the first owners themselves. It definitely does not help them move on. Letting go of cars is a hard thing to do, people!

But to find a second owner like Jason is a thing of beauty. You’ll know that your car is being taken cared for almost like you would and then some.

It sounds like I’m talking about an EX but in many ways, cars ownerships and relationships have some striking similarities. Later on down the road perhaps this FD and the original owner will cross paths, again.

Until then, this rotary is getting the love and attention it deserves.

Did you end up selling a car you loved? Let me know about it in the comments below!


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