This semi-truck rear-ending an Archbold school bus is a timely reminder for parents to remind their kids about safety when entering and exiting a school bus.

According to WTOL and from footage shared by a nearby outdoor shop earlier today (Mar. 27, 2019) a semi-truck traveling at a high rate of speed broadsided an Archbold school bus sending the bus lurching forward. Fortunately, no injuries or worse were reported with the only serious damage occurring on the truck and bus itself. As mentioned, security cameras running at the time from Triple Six Outdoors on Highway 6 was able to capture the exact moment of collision and the resulting aftermath. Check out that video for yourself below.

The video is quite brief but intense, an Archbold school bus is within the video’s frame dropping off two kids. Just as the kids exit, the bus is broadsided from the rear. With the semi-truck carrying tons of force behind it moving at speed, the Archbold school bus launches forward at least 60 feet from where it was stopped.

Here’s the location of the collision on Google Maps below.

If you haven’t had the time to talk to your own kids about school bus safety, now would be the right time. Perhaps showing the video above, if you think your kids are ready for something as dramatic as a collision, would be an important first step. In addition, there are several resources online at your disposal like this tutorial on school bus safety via RTA Fleet. There are also videos like the one below on YouTube for you to use if lecturing isn’t as effective.

Keen eyes reading the caption before watching the video will realize that those two kids racing towards Tripe Six Outdoors are the store owners own kids. It’s always a blessing for your own kids to make it out of a situation like that unscathed, returning safely to their parents.

Did you ever have something like this happen to you or someone close to you? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Source: Triple Six Outdoors


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