Federal Tires now has these new “Made for America” stickers betting you’ll misread that as “Made IN America” but you’re smarter than that.

It’s come to my attention that Federal Tires thinks you’re an idiot. Thanks to a photo of this tire sticker shared on Facebook earlier today (Apr. 4, 2019) I’m here to state the obvious that Federal Tires are made in Taiwan, that they’re still great tires and you should buy them, and that NO, they are NOT made in the United States.

Check out the offending tire stickers via my personal tweet I shared with my dozens of followers below.

The real kicker is Federal Tires had the gall to put “Patriot Pride” too, really pandering to potential tire shoppers that only buy good ol’ American products, and are more likely to buy a product with those killer buzzwords. And how are you assuring that “Patriot Pride” is actually embedded in these tires in your manufacturing facility in Taiwan? Do you lay your hands on them during Q.C. checks while you hum the “Star Spangled Banner?”

This is clearly a decision made somewhere at their home HQ because no copywriter or marketing associate in the United States would ever think this is actually a good idea. Or is it?

Federal Tires is betting that you’ll glaze over “for” and misread it is “in” long enough, as my tweet mentions, for you to get to the checkout counter. You’ll realize your mistake when you get home when you peel the tire sticker off but, by then it’ll be too late, not worth your time to return them and shop for real “Made in America” tires.

I’m actually a fan of Federal Tires, I told all y’all about the infamous 595-RS-R’s and waxed poetic about them in a blog post earlier last month.  They are good tires.

So, Federal Tires, if you’re reading this, there’s no need to pander to the average American, your tires are great as is. The average American understands that products are made overseas and that’s a small price to pay for a cheaper yet superior tire.

Go ahead and ditch the sticker, but if you keep them on, just know that we know what you’re trying to do.

“Made for America?” C’mon man.

Source: Miata.net

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