A Southern California Edison contract worker asked this Glendora woman to move her car. She then goes on a surprising racist tirade while on the phone with local police.

This Southern California Edison contract worker got the shock of his life as he returned to his work truck earlier today (Apr. 8,2019.) After politely asking a local Glendora woman to move her car out of the way so he could drive out without hitting her vehicle, she suddenly gets the bright idea to call local police on him.

Check out the amazing piece of work she turns out to be in a video shared by Karla V Aceituno below.

“So this just happened at the Walmart in Glendora to a friend of mines husband who works for Southern California Edison contractors. It’s a sad sad world.”

According to the woman in the video, supposedly this SCE worker came “out of the bushes” with a fellow worker speaking Spanish. Based ONLY on what he looks like and what language he’s speaking, she then accuses him of being here illegally telling police on the phone that “he looks illegal” and “he’s here illegally punking outfits (jobs?)” To add insult to injury she asks the dispatcher if she’s from Africa.

Thankfully, a sane bystander sitting in his VW Jetta next to the work truck, witness to the entire circus act this lady’s putting on, confronts the woman for what her call to the police is, entirely racist. Apropos to nothing, this Glendora woman then says her father’s black and that her nephew is “Italian, Mexican, and Aloha.” As you can imagine, Facebook commenters really got a kick out of that last one.

If there’s something noteworthy to take away from this video it’s that we should all be that man in the parked Jetta. If you see some racist s*** going down, call it out, in a non-confrontational way of course. Let them know what they’re thinking is wrong.

The man just needs to move his truck, lady. No need to read into it because there’s nothing there, just a man making an honest buck trying to get to where he needs to go. Stay in your lane and mind your business.

Source: Karla V Aceituno


  1. 1. What’s her name?
    2. Where does she work?
    3 Does her employer know?
    4. Has she been fired yet?
    5. If not, harass her employer until she IS FIRED!
    6. Repeat as necessary.

  2. I’ve known this girl my whole life…. she comes from a family that is a bit….. out there…..

    She is also homeless and lives out of her car……

  3. Every person saying she should be fired from her job is vastly over-estimating her employment opportunities. If she has any income that isn’t from public assistance, it’s from prostitution. And business is obviously (and logically) slow.


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