This might be the first Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to show up on an insurance auction, unfortunately, you can’t drive away with this one.

If you want the cheapest Dodge Demon on planet earth, now’s your chance to get one, except there’s not much left of it. As per the Insurance Auto Auctions Inc and their latest listing earlier yesterday (Apr. 9,,2019) they’ve got a real deal 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon up for auction with a Certificate of Destruction, parts only. That means, even if the engine wasn’t burnt to a crisp, you couldn’t legally register it to drive around in, not legally at least.

Take a look at a selection of auction images I’ve curated for you below. Avert your eyes if your a fan of this uncommon boat with a screamer under the hood.


If this one looks remotely familiar to you it’s because it is. I punched up a blog about this exact Dodge Demon last November.  Apparently, Instagrammer @GTFiveHunnit’s uncle modified this Demon for more power since 808 HP wasn’t enough, took his Demon above and beyond 170 MPH on a public highway, and had its transmission implode on itself, spraying transmission fluid every which way with some of it igniting underneath the Demon.

Looking at the burn marks on this Demon and the auction one, it’s no denying that this is the one.

The original IAAI listing has gone 404 on me as of this writing so perhaps they’re working on some details before this auction goes live.

As mentioned, “parts only” means that you’ll only be able to salvage, by the looks of it, parts of this Demon’s chassis, perhaps two wheels, maybe some interior bits and whatever didn’t catch fire underneath.

Dodge only made 3,300 of these Demons, counting the three that caught fire off a delivery truck earlier this year and one I recall seeing wrecked at a track, that makes five that have returned whence they came.

Source: Ride Safely
H/T: @Hoonable


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