@TheStraightPipes called out a fan for writing on their truck with their bare finger reportedly damaging the paint and their fans went after them in the comments for being so sanctimonious about it.

Earlier yesterday popular Youtube Internet Car Personalities @TheStraightPipes took offense to a fan writing “The Straight Pipes?” on their truck with their bare finger, acknowledging their presence like any normal fan would so Jakub and Yuri saw this as a teachable moment they’d share with their fans on Instagram. Apparently, their fans didn’t like the WAY they educated their fans and called them out for it in the comments forcing them to delete their post. Fortunately for all y’all, I copied some of those comments and will get to those in a second.

Here’s what the photo looked like before it was deleted.


And here’s the caption,

“This is a weird post but I have to do it. Whoever spotted my Raptor yesterday, please don’t ever touch anyone’s car. Writing things with your finger in dirt scratches the paint. Also, just don’t touch anyone’s car. Thanks”

If you didn’t already know, the Raptor in question is featured in this video below. The price they paid was 18,000 CAD or around $13,300 USD.

First of all, let’s make this clear. What they said is absolutely true and no one is arguing with them about that. In my opinion and as mentioned, it’s the tone of the post they took that made people go absolutely nuts in the comments.

First, taking out an entire Instagram post that, if the comments went well, would presumably still be up, is a bit much in my opinion for this paint travesty. An Instagram story post would’ve sufficed.

Then, let’s get into the levels of people writing on someone’s car. Is clear coat damage (because that’s what this is) on a 1989 Ford Taurus the same as on a 2019 NSX? Arguably, no. The NSX costs WAY more to repair, when done right and, in the public eye, we afford a slightly increased level of rage to the owner. The same amount of internet angst from the Ford Taurus owner and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Bro, it’s just a Taurus.” In that spirit, I’m saying, “@TheStraightPipes, it’s just a $13,000 Raptor.” I’m not saying your anger is not justified, I’m just saying take it down a notch, geez.

And, without further adieu, some of the top comments that forced them to delete their post!

“1. Fan of your channel 2. Loosen up a bit
3. Someone tried to show you love in a different way. Take it as it is. Not everything needs to be offensive4. Another human being’s gratitude is much more important than a lousy scratch in the paint5. Don’t be weird about things you possess 6. Cars are life but imagine you delivering the message in a different tone and imagine the impact that would have on also the person who left the message for you.”

“I understand what you are saying, but the tone is not cool.”

“Lol drives a pickup truck covered in dirt… Bothered by a fan writing on it cause of micro scratches. If you don’t want  micro scratches clean your truck. This is ridiculous. Get a wrap or something and appreciate your fans.”

“It’s a pickup ??????? chill”

“This irony right cuz leaving messages like does not scratch your car … wtf ? I think you got a bit overly offended for nothing might as well don’t have fans this is crazy that people@find this offensive base upon what is on the comments what in the actual fAk !”

“This post is fucning stupid and makes me want to unfollow, be thankful of a kind gesture that a fan did!”

I think sometimes ignorance is our worst enemy, I’d like to think that this person didn’t really know how bad could it be for the paint. Also believe that you could have at least said, hey thanks for being a fan but did you know that this could scratch the car?”

“Bit of an over reaction.. that probably isn’t even deep enough in the clear coat. Just use a polish and boom it’s gone. The truck probably already has enough swirls anyways, it will be barley noticeable. They were just tryna show you love.”

“Shmee150 welcomes this when fans do it on his supercars and you’re getting offended when someone does it on your $20k truck. I love the channel but please loosen up.”

You can read more of the comments I copied here. 

What do you think about their Instagram post? Do you think a whole post was really necessary? Let me know in the comments below!


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