In a now eerie pair of photos, this Missouri used car dealership shared the moment Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Dee Dee purchased a Nissan Cube, two months before the infamous murder.

At first glance, this pair, daughter and mom, buying a used car didn’t look too odd and I wondered why people were even sharing it online, until I looked at the names. According to Queen City Motors and their Facebook post that’s since gone viral, they have the moment when the now famous mother-daughter duo for all the wrong reasons took ownership of a Nissan Cube. Check out the photos for yourself below!

Since the post’s been up the post’s already been shared more than 10,000 times, and, with the notoriety of the subjects in the photo, that number will only increase over time.

If you didn’t already know, Claudinia A.K.A. Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, are both the subjects of a 2015 murder with Gypsy, the daughter, charged with second-degree murder in the plotting and killing of her own Mom. Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from what’s now known as Munchausen by proxy whereas Dee Dee manipulated Gypsy to act sick although she was healthy. This went on for years until Gypsy befriended a local boy online, fell in love, plotted, and then successfully carried out the murder of her Mom.

Without any backstory, as mentioned, this moment in time would not have any real significance. To any average Joe or Jane, it looks like a Mom and her disabled daughter starting a new chapter in their lives with the purchase of a Nissan Cube. Cheap on gas, easy to get in and out of, reliable, and popular with differently abled people, if anything, the Cube would further add to the story of the double lives they led.

Keen eyes will notice the date, Apr 9, 2015. Dee Dee was found dead June 14, 2015. This photo was two months before her death.

The story of Rose and Dee Dee has grown even more popular as of late with Hulu commissioning and releasing an eight-episode documentary.

If we can learn anything from this photo is that it’s a good idea to not take anything in life on face value. The truth, as their story illustrates, is often stranger than anything fictional.

If you’re wondering whatever happened to that Nissan Cube, according to The Springfield News-Leader, it was seized by authorities and quite possibly sold to an auction house. If only the previous owners now know whose Nissan Cube they’re driving.

Source: Queen City Motors

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