Without saying a word, Japanese Drifter Naoki Nakamura shows the power of skills before builds.

They say that actions speak louder than words and when it comes to showing that skills trump builds, Naoki Nakamura takes the cake with this epic display of his drifting prowess. In a video shared by The Sideways Experience earlier yesterday (Apr. 25,2019) Japanese drifter Naoki Nakamura takes his purpose-built drift car on North Course of Ebisu, one of the most popular drift courses in Japan, and rips an epic drift. Then he takes that same exact corner but in the school’s drift car, not even set up to his liking, and performs his drift magic. Check out the epic video for yourself below.

In his first drift attempt, he carries god-like levels of speed before he initiates his drift. With so much energy and a drift angle that almost borders on a reverse entry, Nakamura throws an epic amount of smoke all over the place. Since this is his personal drift car, presumably he’s got everything dialed in, he’s done thousands of drifts in a familiar cockpit environment and can more or less pull off your bog-standard drift at will.

Coachbuilding class project- Sean&#...
Coachbuilding class project- Sean's scratchbuilt Frank Kurtis influenced street racer

But, the next drift he does is in the school’s Toyota Chaser drift car. Since its setup for learning, that probably means it’s not as powerful as Naoki’s own machine, has a more basic suspension setup and most importantly, he probably has never drifted with this combo of chassis, suspension, and controls.

Well, looking at the video, you’d be hardpressed to see any difference in the amount of angle he gets between the two cars, he pulls off an as equally impressive drift with very little fanfare about it. Sure, there’s less tire smoke and he almost catches it towards the end instead of carrying it through the corner but Naoki carries just as much speed and manages to pull it off.

I really can’t say much in terms of drifting because well, I’ve never drifted. But the principle is sound, if you want to gain proficiency at something, spend more time honing your skills than worrying about your equipment.

What do you think about this masterclass in drifting skill? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!

Source: Sideways X

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