It’s true, if, for some odd reason I’m surrounded by Tesla owners in their Model S, 3, X, and Y, I’d feel perfectly safe if I’m driving and all of them are on autopilot, going at it like horn dogs.

Amateur adult video star Taylor Jackson recently filmed a viral video flick titled “Tinder date cums in me in a Tesla on Autopilot” raising questions about the safety of what drivers are doing while using the driver’s assist Autopilot. And, as the title mentions, I’ll be perfectly frank with you. If I’m driving along in my Civic and a Tesla owner and their significant other wants to have at it like the Titanic’s sinking, by all means, go for it. I’d feel perfectly safe.

I perfectly understand that the technology, legislation, and acceptance from regular drivers is nowhere near Level 5 autonomy where drivers in vehicles equipped with driver’s assist, can literally take their hands off the steering wheel and confidently take a nap without fear of dying. As per Tech Crunch, Tesla is somewhere around a high Level 2 of autonomy.

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But what a Level 2 it is. According to Tesla’s latest safety report, for Tesla Driver’s with AutoPilot engaged, there was an accident every 2.91 Million miles driven. Compare that to 1.58 Million miles for every accident with AutoPilot turned off and an astounding 436,000 miles for every accident in car without any driver’s assist using the NHTSA’s statistics.

It’s simple. Driver’s using AutoPilot are statistically better drivers than with it turned off or against other cars around them.

Sure, there have been accidents but how much coverage does your bog standard accident get? Perhaps one article from a local rag but that’s it. Nowhere near the scrutiny Tesla gets.

Little or next to nothing is being done, on a level that Tesla is doing, to improve the human driver. Passing your driver’s test in the United States ranges wildly in skill thanks to state’s having their own standard. With driver’s education regulated by the state, there is little incentive for educators to instill good driving habits into young teens. They’re there for the paycheck.

Machines, however, are improving their “driving skills” by leaps and bounds thanks to faster processors, more input from cumulative miles driven by these systems, and that aforementioned increased scrutiny from the government, media, and skeptics every time an anomaly pops up.

So ya, if Tesla owners happened to be having sex next to me while I’m on the road, more power to you. I’d feel fully confident that Tesla’s suite of sensors, cameras, and software would keep their den of iniquity a safe distance from me, other cars, and obstacles coming toward it.

What do you think about this couple filming an adult video in a Tesla? Do you think it’s a adult video too far? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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