This South Carolina HOA surely got a rise and some sort of power trip with this threatening letter to a Corvette driver addressing this ‘Vette’s loud exhaust pipes.

It seems like the best thing Home Owners Associations actually do is sit on their thumbs all day thinking of ways they can use their HOA rules to send threatening letters over issues of no consequence. According to South Carolina car enthusiast Ryan Smallwood, according to his photo and what Ryan said in the comments he was visiting his friend in a neighborhood that has one of these godawful HOA’s and apparently several neighbors just couldn’t stand the “extremely excessive noise.”

Check out a screenshot of his letter and what the rear of his Corvette looks like below.

Here’s the part they bolded which I’m quoting below.

“Corvette decorated as “racecar” with SC tag Out4RIP is prohibited in our community in accordance with the covenants and rules and regulations because of extremely excessive noise reverberating off buildings, disturbing peace and harmony.”

First of all, wow with the disrespect calling this Corvette a racecar with quotes. I feel like whoever wrote that letter knew exactly what he typed.

As mentioned, Ryan doesn’t even live here so it looks like the HOA doesn’t even have a case moving forward even if they wanted to fine Ryan’s friend.

Ryan also mentions in his photo comments that he has a truck and motorbike which I’m assuming is much louder than this Corvette.

Many of Ryan’s friends in the comments share the same sentiments I share, mainly of disdain at this HOA. A couple of his pocket rocket friends are even willing to organize a parade of motorbikes at a moment’s notice which really warms the cockles of my heart.

Someone even suggested sending a threaten to sue letter to each and every member of the HOA’s Board of Directors out of spite. I don’t think it’s that serious.

I don’t agree with petty letters like this but then again HOA’s do exist for a reason. The HOA of our townhouse complex in the Bay Area was, for the most part, quite nice to deal with. The walkways, greenery, and streets were always quite clean and our neighbors got along well. Compare that to know where the HOA is basically the city. With little incentive to care for our neighborhood as part of a larger county, our neighborhood is nowhere near as nice as our old place.

But this, this is something else. As mentioned, quite the non-issue.

Do any of y’all have to deal with nasty HOA’s? What’s your .02 with this petty letter. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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