If you’re driving in Southern California next to this purple Infiniti Q45, get ready for your eyes to get assaulted with whatever anime this owner so chooses to project.

Earlier this week I came across a dope big-body Japanese sedan on a wrap and decal shop owner’s Instagram with projector screens on the rear passenger windows. It looks like a @RellTWS, a cool cat I follow on Twitter, has the skinny on how this Infiniti Q45 owner pulled this nighttime eye assault off.

First, here’s the video that went somewhat viral below.

The car in question is an Itasha or a car wrapped with the owner’s favorite anime. That explains the entire wrap job.

Anyhow, it looks like he’s rigged up two mini-projectors pointed at transparent holographic projection film cut to fit the shape of the Q45’s window.

By aiming a pair of Pico Projectors at the window film, he can as mentioned, project anything he wants while he’s driving or when he’s parked.

Just like my title mentions, the skies the limit, within the letter of the law that is. You obviously can’t project porn in public.

Considering his entire build, including a supposedly full 1JZ swap under the hood (A Nissan with a Toyota swap? Gasp!), this is the icing on the cake I can get behind.

Images projected on a moving car are nothing new. If you’ve been to Vegas, you’ve probably seen one of these mobile advertising ads drive by you.

This Infiniti and its projectors, however, is a purely cosmetic mod, which I think is super creative, furthering the exterior body space on a car as a medium of creativity towards something digital.

Can you imagine fully swappable body panels in the near future which can project whatever you want on them? Instead of a carbon fiber hood, we’d swap a lightweight hood with integrated LED display.

What do you think about this owner’s modded windows? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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