One of the Airbuses of LaudaMotion paid tribute to Niki Lauda with a special flypast

LaudaMotion A320 already had two flights under its belt earlier in the day from Vienna to Kosovo and back but this next flight was an out and back for a special occasion, a flypast. To honor the passing of F1 champion and airline entrepreneur Niki Lauda, of which Laudamotion shares its namesake, Airbus A320-232 took off from Vienna, looped around, and made a special flypast before heading around again and landing.

The special moment was witnessed by thousands of Viennese and shared with millions around the world thanks to flight trackers, like the one from Flight Radar 24, who captured and shared the flight data in real-time.

Check out the tweet from Flight Radar 24 below and see the flight for yourself by following this link. 

Posted in the windows of the AirBus was a special message that Niki could read from up above.

“…written in the windows, ‘Niki wir vermissen dich!’ — “Niki we miss you!’ to mark the passing of Formula 1 and aviation legend Niki Lauda.”

Thankfully, someone documented this special message and shared the photos with us on Instagram.

Coincidentally, the flight pattern is in the shape of a heart.

If you didn’t already know, after Niki Lauda retired from motorsport in 1979, before his second comeback, he founded one of three of his airlines, Lauda Air. Niki Lauda also took over and rebranded two other airlines as Niki, and Laudamotion. LaudaMotion, a subsidiary of RyanAir, is still operational today.

The entire motoring world is still reeling from the news that former F1 ace and consultant Niki Lauda passed at just 70 years. Known for his hard-charging spirit, decisive mindset, and action-oriented nature, Lauda accomplished more in one lifetime than a dozen men over several lifetimes.

Fitting that several pieces of his entrepreneurial spirit still successfully live on despite him leaving this physical world.


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