A police cruiser in the middle of a call gets stuffed by a train coming in the opposite direction. Here’s the video you won’t see on the news.

This Texas police officer’s going to get quite the ribbing when he shows up for work tomorrow and surely won’t live this down as long as he’s still on the force. Video emerged earlier today (May 21, 2019) showing a Texas police officer and his Chevrolet Tahoe responding to a call. Shortly after a train passing on one set of tracks clears, the Tahoe guns it across the lowered barriers, but not before being blindsided by another train he never saw coming.

Here’s the original video that went viral shortly after.

But, here’s a new video that emerged a few hours later from another angle. It’s not quite as good as the first video but you can see the rollover a little more clearly.

According to CBS 7, the deputy was responding to a call about a young child who was having difficulty breathing. With every second passing as a possibly a life-saving moment, you can imagine this police officer was focused at the task at hand, mainly getting to the poor kid ASAP.

Unfortunately, that tunnel vision and laser focus allowed him to block out the possibility of another train on the parallel of tracks with train traffic going in the other direction. With his sirens blaring, surely he couldn’t hear the other train coming.

It was too little too late as the train hit his side fender and dragged his police cruiser several yards before being flipped on its side.

You’ll be happy to know that the officer involved managed to walk away with just some bruising.

Also, that kid with breathing difficulties reportedly got the help he needed.

Here’s that location on Google Maps.

Unlike so many other railroad crossings, as the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas and this is one of those dual sets of tracks crossings.

Honestly, this story would be a lot darker if the officer didn’t make it. Thankfully, he did, and hopefully, his experience can serve as a valuable lesson for his department, all police officers in a rush to get to a call, and motorists in general.

Barriers are there for a reason. And when they’re not, look both ways before crossing.

Have you ever seen or been in brush with a train like this before? Let me know in the comments below;.


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