Why you shouldn’t let turners sneak by across opposing traffic like this.

Presumed New Yorker and Redditor /u/JDawg114 posted up surprising dashcam footage from Yonkers to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the harebrained moment a driver, taking advantage of an opening in stopped traffic, tried to turn without yielding properly and getting T-boned as a result.

Check out the dashcam video for yourself below.

[USA] Car turning left gets t-boned by a white Nissan
byu/jdawg114 inRoadcam

The incident happened in Yonkers, NY at the intersection of E Sanford St. and McLean Av (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows, OP is stopped on E Sanford St. waiting for stopped traffic to clear up to turn right or left.

As this other view of McLean Av shows, there seems to be only room for one lane of traffic going either way, but, if there are no cars parked on the side, there’s room for a car turning right up ahead to sneak by.

There’s only one lane but, without parked cars, there’s space for another car on the side to sneak by.

OP confirms this in a comment.

“The right lane is for street parking only for 2 hours on Tuesday. Otherwise, it says no parking or standing, and there is a bus stop right before the crosswalk. Past the intersection, it becomes a marked two lane road.”

A red Volkswagen can be seen trying to turn left onto Sanford St off of McLean Ave.

A driver in a white SUV backs up to avoid a collision with this left turner and to give them space.

The driver in the red VW then guns it through without confirming traffic on the other side of her blind spot is indeed clear.

She does not see the driver in a white Nissan Altima sneaking past the lane of stopped cars, and the red VW gets T-boned as a result, totaling the Altima.

Although many argued in the comments who was at fault, considering the Altima driver looked to be speeding, an actual insurance adjuster (we’ll have to take their word for it) showed up in the comments to set the record straight.

“As an insurance adjuster for decades, it’s hilarious how wrong so many people are here,” /u/voodo_chile_please commented.

“You’re correct, and a lot of others are, too. Depending on the state, the red car would ABSOLUTELY be majority or 100% at fault.”

“The funniest responses are those saying the white SUV blocking the intersection is at fault.”

“Finally, just a PSA, but don’t be red car and trust the “kindness” of people letting you make a blind left turn across a lane like that. This is one of the most common auto claims there are.”

It seems both parties are mostly OK. The same can’t be said about their cars, though.

OP confirmed that police and EMS services did arrive on scene within minutes.

“Luckily, I was only there for 20 minutes. (I) checked if the people were okay, shared the footage, and left,” OP concluded.


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