This Illinois man really lined up against a pheasant, yah, the bird, and gave it the beans in his turbocharged Kia. Watch the video to find out who won!

When you live in the Mid-west, well, your drag races slap a little different. Illinois man Tyler Tarrence shared a video on his personal Facebook earlier today (June 5, 2019) showing him driving alongside a pheasant. Then, in a moment of utter genius, Tyler beeps his horn three times,as you do in a drag race, and low-key races this pheasant. Check out the video below!

What’s amazing about this roll race is that the pheasant actually keeps up for a bit.

Arm chairing the speeds he’s going out, I’d guess this bird kept up till at least 10 MPH, it’s little bird legs turning over at a dizzying pace.

What makes it even more hilarious is the sound of Tyler’s turbo spooling up as the bird runs away. And, when the pheasant does start running, the bird hunkers down for better aero, a lot like bikers try to do, as if the bird’s giving Tyler a run for his money.

It’s a somewhat little known fact that, although pheasants can fly pretty quick, according to Pheasants Forever, up to 60 MPH when chased, they prefer to run. Perhaps pheasants have evolved certain advantages staying low to the ground rather than taking to the sky.

No doubt, if this pheasant took to the skies, my money would be on the pheasant to smoke this KIA over something like a quarter mile.

This is certainly not the first time man and his machines raced against nature. Two years ago, Formula E pitted one of their electric cars against a Cheetah and barely nipped the cat at the line.

Man’s been driving cars for over 100 hundred years at this point but nature’s been evolving its speed well before we set foot on this earth.

It’s amazing how, pound for pound, nature still puts up quite the fight in a drag race.



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