Not only is this Ford Explorer Pursuit rated, but it’s also sporting a 1 of 1 Pride livery. Also, how you can buy those SFPD Pride Patches.

Not only did one SFPD Interceptor get a special pride livery for Pride Month, but police officers also get these snazzy set of badges on both arms. According to the SFPD in a press release they dropped earlier this week (June 3, 2019) this Pride Interceptor will be used for recruitment purposes all of June. In addition, here’s how you can get those patches.

Pride Patches

In order to get a set of Pride Patches for $20, you’re going to have to contact SFPD Captain Troy Dangerfield via Twitter DM.

His Twitter handle is @1YCEU

That awesome Pride Interceptor

When you see the Pursuit rated Ford Explorer, there’s no mistaking that it’s SF Pride. Check out a tweet from KTVU’s Henry Lee showing off this 1 of 1 special livery.

In the odd chance this Interceptor is pulling someone over, baddies will see “SFPD Pride” on the hood of this Explorer.

Running along the length of the Interceptor is a set of Rainbow Pinstripes.

The wheels feature a special rainbow motif on each spoke.

On the front driver’s door is the SFPD police star also in a rainbow motif. And if it’s still not clear, on the rear quarter panel there’s a heart with SFPD Pride spelled out.

What would’ve been the pièce de résistance for this Interceptor is rainbow LED’s on their light bar.

I think it’s really awesome how the entire city of San Francisco is stepping up in a big way to celebrate SF Pride. The police are one of the most tangible and visible symbols of the city so it’s important that police represent whom they are policing.

So, if you’re in San Francisco this June, keep your eyes peeled. I know I will.

What do all y’all think about this special Interceptor? Let me know in the comments below!


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