If you’re wondering what the heck is State Sancho and why he got pulled over in Texas, all your questions will be answered shortly.

A pursuit-rated Chevrolet Tahoe that’s been more or less masquerading as a kind of law enforcement emblazoned with “State Sancho” side and rear finally tasted the wrong side of the law as he was pulled over earlier yesterday (June 5, 2019) ironically by another Texas police officer in a similar SUV (a Pursuit rated Explorer.)

Check out the hilarious set of photos circulating Facebook below.

According to a comment from someone in the know shortly after I posted up this blog post, State Sancho lives in Richmond, TX but works out of Sealy so you might spot him on I-10 or TX-36.

Sealy, if you didn’t already know, is home to Hennessey Performance, so I wonder if John Hennessey’s seen this State Sancho fellow driving around.

According to Urban Dictionary Sancho is,

“The other man” in Spanish slang… you know.. that guy your girlfriend is cheating on you with…hey, I know this… this is my last name!

In other words, the Sancho is the hypothetical person your significant other is supposedly cheating on.

In the same vein, Sancha is the lady your man is cheating on you with.

Anyhow, this man’s on Instagram and has the complete story of why he got pulled over.

You ready? It was for tint. Not my words. Check out his post below.

While some have pointed out that people impersonating police in unmarked cars can cause trouble for others as of late, as I understand the law, “State Sancho” is doing nothing wrong here.

As per Findlaw.com in Texas, they only commit an offense if that person impersonating a police officer has “to induce another to submit to his pretended official authority or to rely on his pretended official acts.”

If “State Sancho” hasn’t been reported for actually pulling over people in his Tahoe, no harm no foul.

The funny thing is, according to one Texas motorist, she’s seen people move out of the way like he was a Texas state trooper. Too funny.

What do you think about this Texas hoon? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


  1. I know who the State Sancho is and he actually lives in Richmond,Tx and worked in Sealy,Tx. I just want to correct some info and the last time he got pull over it was for his window tinting in Rosenberg,Tx!

  2. I’ve spotted him in Rosenberg on Avenue H/Alt 90. I didn’t even notice the tinting, I was just trying to avoid another $151 seat belt ticket. While it might not be illegal unless he tries to pull someone over he increases the risk that people (especially women by themselves at night) won’t pull over when they see a real state trooper because they’re worried it’s the guy with the RU Alone license plates pulling them over. That’s dangerous for both of them because the trooper might think he needs to pursue them or draw a weapon and the woman who wasn’t comfortable pulling over in the first place alone at night for someone who may not even be law enforcement might do the same.

  3. We saw a black pursuit-rated Tahoe last night exiting I-30 onto East Grand with STATE SANCHO across the cargo door exactly like the one pictured here. Everyone in my car got a big laugh out of it.

  4. Just spotted him on my way to work. I was at the light at the Reading Rd / 59 intersection in Rosenberg, and the “STATE SANCHO” pulled up next to me in the right lane. LOL !!! His plates read “RU ALONE”. LMAO !!!


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