Nothing was stopping this man and his tiny a** Chevrolet Sonic from trailering home a full-sized E36 BMW 3-series.

Mark Twain said that “Truth is stranger than fiction” and in my “search” for uncommon stories to share with y’all this is certainly Top 5 as of this writing. According to a group of photos circulating Facebook from the BMW E30 group R3Vlimited earlier last week, this Chevrolet Sonic owner pulled off what this E36 shell owner thought was the impossible and downright sketchy by using his Sonic and a tiny ass trailer to tow home said E36 shell.

Check out the post below and a gallery of images to follow.


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Presumably, this Chevrolet Sonic owner lives right around the corner because there is no way in heck that he drove more than a couple hundred feet with this tow setup.

So, if you didn’t read that post above and want a TL;DR here it is. Man puts free E36 shell and advertises it “first come, first serve.” This man and his tiny Chevrolet Sonic with two-wheel trailer in tow shows up.

By the grace of God he muscles that shell onto the trailer and, if I understand his caption correctly, while his girlfriend drives, he plans to lay in the trunk and hold the trailer/BMW so it doesn’t fall off.

Oh, and one photo shows that this trailer needs a new tire as one went flat.

Too much to unpack here.

First, this man does not understand the laws of physics because the slightest movement from a huge mass is going to send massive amounts of force every which way, including this man’s arms if he’s holding onto the shell.

Even without his whole harebrained “lying in the trunk” idea, it clearly states in the Chevrolet Sonic manual “This vehicle is neither designed nor intended to tow a trailer.” Anyone with half a brain doesn’t need a manual to see that.

And then there’s the girlfriend. What. A. Keeper. If your girl is willing to help you and your half-assed plan that has a good possibility of losing a limb, she’s a daggum keeper. If you’re reading this Sonic owner, put a ring on that before someone else does because that a “ride or die” right there.

Thankfully I have not heard any comments or stories about some small car flipping over or some man losing an arm towing a BMW shell home so presumably, his plan worked.

But man, what a tow.

Have you seen something like this in your entire life? Let me know your sketch tow stories in the comments below.


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