A handful of Acura NSXs have allegedly come in with some sort of camshaft issue that causes movement in the heads out of factory specifications ultimately causing a headache for Acura techs and NSX owners alike.

If this camshaft issue starts popping up more and more among new Acura NSX owners, we might see a preemptive recall from Acura in the coming weeks. According to an anonymous source, there may or may not be an issue cropping up with the NC1 NSX that deals with excessive camshaft movement within one of the two banks of cylinders that make up this bespoke turbocharged Acura V6.

Acura engine layout
Acura engine diagram

From what I’ve seen in now deleted photos, this job is meant for an Acura NSX certified technician, to say the least.

As per this anonymous source,

“The camshaft on Bank 2 moved and is cutting into the head. It supposedly put shavings all throughout the head.”

Anyone with even the slightest understanding of engines knows that metal shavings floating around your oil is symptomatic of a larger problem and, if left without addressing the larger problem, quickly overcomes oil filtration causing wear and tear to engine internals and ultimately engine destruction.

Camshaft play in and of itself isn’t all that of a bad thing. As metals heat up and expand, camshafts in heads have a certain amount of play built-in up to a certain threshold. Beyond that, as these NSXs are allegedly going through, camshafts can start grinding into heads amongst other issues.

In an earlier blog post I blogged about how well the NSX is made. If and when some very concerned engineers from Acura show up at this Acura service department, they’ll be armed with the exact build information of this particular NSX. From fastener #1 when this NSX was being built, every turn of a digital torque wrench and part install was documented just for unfortunate moments like this.

The NSX is an amazing car and this is an anomaly in my book. Hopefully, this problem can be traced back to a source sooner rather than later and only a few of these amazing machines are affected.



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