Episode 158. is the last Hot Version that will be made into a physical DVD before the popular Japanese motoring show switches to Amazon, Youtube, etc.

It’s the end of an era for fans of Hot Version as, according to Keiichi Tsuchiya in a rather impromptu yet bittersweet photo he shared online, Hot Version 158 is the last one to be made into a DVD for distribution.

Check out the photo below.

In a photo that only the Drift King himself could share, Keiichi humorously grimaces in front of a bathroom mirror with a copy of Hot Version 158. In a short caption, he mentions that this is the final DVD issue of Hot Version. Fans of the show should refer to Amazon Prime and Youtube for all feature Hot Version episodes.

As his caption, and other news outlets already hinted at, presumably this means Hot Version will continue into the foreseeable future but only if you have an Amazon Prime account or sign up for their Youtube Subscription service.

According to their official page, as far as Youtube is concerned, anyone can sign up for their exclusive content for ¥ 490 a month or about $4.51. That’s not too bad if you’re a die-hard fan of the show.

Whereas Best Motoring dealt with OEM cars, Hot Version is for the tuners. As such, this show resonated with a lot of younger fans including catering to their changing tastes.

Volume 158 looks to be a banger of an episode including a battle between the Honda Civic Type R and the newly revamped Renault Megane Cup and its fancy four-wheel steering system.

In addition, Spoon Sports, J’s Racing, and Cusco all bring out their latest iterations of the famed Honda Civic Type R, a car already tuned to the nines from the factory so that should be a fun watch when someone eventually dubs it in English.

There’s even a segment on Stadium Trucks with some footage from the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Times, they are a changin’, and this can be a good thing for the series. Less money spent on DVD might mean a bigger budget elsewhere? Probably not but hopefully Hot Version is just as popular online as it is on DVD.

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