There are a handful of tweets and photos of this genius $1 Grilled Cheese Cart going around but it’s not a real concession trailer yet, only a design.

Earlier this week perhaps you, like me, came across this no-frills $1 Grilled Cheese Cart concession trailer idea from graphic artist Daniel Danger where, as the name of the cart suggests, he’ll only sell $1 Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Being gullible as I was and not reading between the lines, I thought this was an actual grilled cheese trailer and sought out its address so I could write some words about it here.

Alas, I found out, like a couple others, that this isn’t a real grilled cheese cart and only a Photoshop.

Anyways, here’s the handful of Tweets that went viral below.

His grilled cheese concession stand got so viral somehow The King himself saw it. I’m of course referring to Stephen King.

I should’ve seen the signs. First, there where his statements like, “The business and cart will be called,” and “my post-art plan.”

Also, Daniel discussed the possibility of others stealing his business idea, which, at that point, I thought to myself, “Why would anyone steal his business idea if he already has the concession trailer made. There are photos of the actual trailer.

Finally connecting the dots, I realized it’s not an actual cart but only a Photoshop of some sort and I’m miffed.

Here’s the unedited concession stand from a trailer manufacturer in Georgia.


A lot of people like this idea of a grilled cheese concession cart and it looks like the impromptu and totally statistically unbiased Twitter Focus group says this would be a hit.

I say don’t make this a fallback but do both! The art and the grilled cheeses.

I suppose either way you should buy his art, linked here, or not if that’s going to get him to make this grilled cheese cart happen faster.

I believe in this Grilled Cheese Cart. Even though I live thousands of miles away, I’d donate to the cause, for sure, as this cart will bring smiles to so many hungry and drunk people.

So yea, not a real grilled cheese cart. Only a Photoshop. =(


    • Really? Like, this grilled cheese sandwich cart is getting funded? That’s great news! Any leads where I can find the link????


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