Police gave up arresting this South Arlington man and just about let him go, that is until he passed by on a motorbike twice, eventually pulling his showboating behind over.

It’s lucky enough that you’re able to juke and evade arrest but to downright showboat in front of police not once, but twice, ya you almost deserve getting arrested and getting the proverbial book thrown at you. According to a set of videos shared by Arlington resident JayArre LaFlare earlier on Facebook yesterday (June 12, 2019) those who ate at Boomerjacks earlier in the evening got dinner and a show thanks to some nonsense fight that broke out in front of their outdoor patio.

Check out the four-part video series making its rounds below.

Just the opposite of how you read an anime, start from the largest video and work clockwise.

I’m not even going to waste brain cells trying to dissect why this fight broke out in the first place but for some odd reason, if you give two men an outdoor audience, like Boomerjack’s and their avant-garde outdoor patio seating, they’ll eventually find something to fight about just to throw hands on a warm summer evening.

I don’t know if they didn’t see police hanging around the corner because their fight gets lit up and the supposed instigator, the fellow without a shirt, is held back by police. I don’t think they were really going to arrest him at that point, probably give him a stern talking to, but when he thrashed about and fled on foot, that’s when police had no choice but try to catch him, which they failed at doing.

This man’s hops on his friend’s two-stroke something, because of course, your friends in Texas all take their Yamahas to dinner. They both speed off and you’d think that’s the end of that.


He comes back twice, in both directions. It probably wasn’t helping any that people were cheering him on. APD just about had enough of that and pull that bike over.

According to the official rap sheet @ArlingtonUrban posted up, he didn’t get far. I Googled how far he got and it was a whole 276 feet.

Anyways, APD threw the book at him; Evading arrest, harassing a police officer, assaulting a police officer, and obstruction.

Luck only comes knocking once and you’d better run with it and not screw it up.

Don’t run from police. But if you do, you’d better have your buddy on his 250cc whatever nearby and don’t come back like these dudes.

Is this the silliest way to get arrested or what? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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