Although Post Malone’s got some drama going on with his pilot from last year it’s not stopping the young rapper from picking up this sweet Chevrolet C10 layed quite low from Utah’s DT Auto Brokers.

Everyone got the hint that this man’s like his trucks earlier last year when Post Malone picked up the manliest truck there is, a Ford Raptor 6×6 tuned by the boys from Sealy, TX, Hennessey Performance. It looks like the 23 year-old rapper wants to bring it down to earth, quite literally, because this truck’s got air suspension. According to DT Auto Brokers in a post on Instagram earlier yesterday (June 14, 2019) they parted ways with their beloved shop truck presumably after the singer stopped by their shop and took a liking to it.

Check out the truck for yourself below.

If there ever was a truck that personified Post Malone, this one wouldn’t be that bad of a candidate. It’s an honest truck with unconventional looks with good power, not to wild, mind you, and stout.

Hey, those are all compliments by the way. As a sidebar, I happen to like Post Malone’s music.

First, there’s that patina, not too rusted out and with plenty of splotches of the original color. I can only presume DT Auto sprayed a layer of clear coat to both prevent and protect this patina for the lifetime of this vehicle.

Then, there’s what’s under the hood. This is what was originally under the hood, what looks like the stock 250 inline 6 with a burly 150 HP and 235 lb-ft at a low 1,600 RPM, farm truck power if you will.

This is what’s underneath Post Malone’s truck, an LS swap V8. Not the flashy kind you find in Corvettes with the aluminum block, this one’s a truck LS swap from something like an Escalade with a good ol’ iron block. Power jumps to a modern 300 HP and 360 lb-ft.

And here’s what this C10 looks like all aired out because, of course, this truck’s got air suspension.

I feel like this’ll be Post’s daily, just putting around town wherever he lives.

So, if you see this truck in Los Angeles or wherever, now you know a bit about it and not “Wow, cool truck Post!”

Bravo on the new truck Post Malone, let’s see you rip one in it maybe?

What do you think about his new ride? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!


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