Yellow Splitter guards on Dodge Challengers, Chargers, etc. have gotten so popular, people are going out of their way to buy a pair they probably once had on eBay for $100 or more in some cases.

Love em or hate em, your opinions about these much bemoaned yellow splitter and spoiler guards for new Dodge Challengers and Chargers do not sway the rules of economics, when there’s a demand for something there will be a supply for it and the price will reflect that quite succinctly. According to some random browsing on eBay earlier today (June 14, 2019) it looks like, as of this writing, people are spending upwards of $100 or more to buy a pair for themselves…just so they can fit in!

Check out a screenshot of the most recent SOLD listings below. These aren’t for sale listings, these are actual completed transactions and hard data points which we can infer the market for these glorified banana peels.

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These guys spent more than $125 for one of the longer lip protectors.

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If you didn’t already know, the greater internet and the court of public opinion has deemed the latest trend of keeping your yellow splitter guards on from the factory as uncool. I blogged about it last week that there’s an official Facebook group dedicated to hating specifically on this car trend.

And search “Yellow Splitter Guard” or “Yellow lip protector” on and you’ll come across a handful of articles from other car blogs also pointing out why this trend is silly, ours included.

You’d think this latest wave of haterade from the greater internet would make yellow splitter guards less popular but in fact, as Dwight Shrute once said, this has just “…shed more light on the peni*es.” I’d be so bold as to proclaim that they don’t even care about those articles and it’s made them stick to their yellow splitter guard loving guns even more!

They’re getting more popular.

Frankly, although silly, they look OK. That’s just my opinion.

So, if you have a set you don’t want or have a steady supply of these things, put ’em on eBay. You’ll get $100 for a pair.

Do you think these yellow splitter guards will increase in price? Go down? Let me know your .02 either way in the comments below.


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