Bizi Ezerioha and his infamous Honda Civic Wagovan took to Irwindale for a bit of a test and tune pass.

If you were at the Irwindale Dragstrip earlier yesterday (June 20,2019) you were in for a treat because Bisimoto Engineering showed up with their 700+ HP Honda Civic Wagovan, this time, an AWD fighting form.

Check out the video of his 1/8th-mile test pass below.

If you’ve been following this Civic Wagon’s epic evolution as of late you’ll now this Civic Shuttle has power going to all wheels. And, with a bespoke set of aero covers on all four corners, this car has that bit of show with all that go.

Keen eyes will notice in the video that he was running those sweet looking aero covers on his run which leads me to believe Bisi wanted a full street setup run sans slicks.

But, as his run shows and he admits to in the caption, he’s going to need slicks on all four corners if he wants to lay down a clean pass. You can hear that turbocharged K24 setup trying its best to lay down the power as best it can despite a set of Toyo R888’s and power, as mentioned, doled out to the rear wheels too.

Power? A gargantuan 772 horsepower to the tires!

As per his latest video when he took his Civic Wagon on a test drive  “in Mexico” this Wagovan

“…features a boosted K24 fully built engine, 72mm Turbonetics turbo, Action twin disc clutch, Eagle rods and 93mm crankshaft, Traum pistons, PurOl oils with a Quaife sequential, and more.”

The engine is in stark contrast to his OG setup, a single-cam D-Series and a slightly smaller turbo among other important supporting mods.

Hoonigan dropped a sick video with Bisi around the same time he took his test drive video above.

His want for stickier tires on this setup only means one thing, he’ll be back to Irwindale soon.

Here’s a photo of him with a fan when he showed up yesterday.

I’d follow his social media feeds to find out when he returns if he announces when.

I, for one, would love to see a full quarter-mile pass.

What do you think about his AWD Wagovan drag build? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!


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