This Acura NSX owner in New Jersey street parks his Japanese supercar with over 400,000 miles on the odometer.

For every Acura NSX on Bring-A -Trailer that sold for ungodly amounts of money and traveled less than 10,000 miles, there are several dozen high-mileage NSXs as daily drivers. This 408,000-mile street parked Acura NSX in New Jersey is definitely one of them.

Spotted and submitted to All Street via NSX Prime, this NSX epitomizes everything there is to love about the Acura NSX.

Check out the two photos they posted below.

And when I say street parked, there’s a good chance this NSX really lived its whole life outside, it shows. The roof and front bumper have little to no original clear coat left, a tell-tale sign of not being garaged. As per the photo caption, the original paint, a nice shade of Brookland Green (or Hockenheim?), is probably the same paint sprayed from the factory.

Around all four corners are a set of what looks like Enkei RPF1s. Keen eyes will notice the front wheels poke out quite a lot. If you didn’t already know, Acura designed the original NSX to run a staggered setup with the front set of wheels one inch smaller and half an inch narrower than the rear.

Although both OEM front and rear have a postive offset of +55, with a different width by a half an inch, the front wheels stick out a bit more. This is exacerbated if, presumably like this NSX, you run the same wheel size both front and back.

Anyhow, it looks like the NSX can handle that wheel size change up front.

From the get-go, Honda designed the NSX to be, as cliche as sounds, an everyday supercar. Although most people feel like this car is a big Accord from inside, when you drive a car for a long time, over 400,000 miles and then some, you come to appreciate a comfortable classic Honda-like interior.

Speaking of the interior, this car spotter only had one word for the original leather seats, “worn.”

The wonderful thing about NSXs is this car will probably rack up another 100,000 miles with regular preventative maintenance.

I tip my hat to you Acura NSX owner and here’s to several hundred thousand more miles ahead of you.

What do you think about this unconventional street parked supercar? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: NSX Prime



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