Houston-based rapper Slim Thug has a new challenge on Instagram called the #NoRapCapChallenge and it’s a challenge, when he’s talking about cars, I can get behind.

Rapper Slim Thug’s got a new Instagram challenge that might have some influencers quaking in their Burberry Boots. Earlier this week (June 20, 2019) Slim Thug posted up a new #NoRapCapChallenge where you, as I understand it, post up a photo of your car’s title as proof that you 100 percent own your car and aren’t just flexing or showing off with cars that you don’t even own.

Check out his post below.


Not knowing what in tarnation rap cap is, I looked the phrase up. According to Urban Dictionary Rap Cap is “Saying something in a song you wouldn’t do in real life.” I suppose that also means, in context of this new challenge, everything you show off in your music videos, songs, and social media streams.

To put it simply, the #NoRapCapChallenge is being honest about what you really own and putting it out there once and for all that yes that Lamborghini I pose in front of is indeed mine. That goes for houses, watches, expensive clothes, you name it.

If you didn’t already know, social media is steeped with people showing off for everyone else. For example, this one influencer I follow poses in front of Chevrolet Corvettes and other foreign exotics but in her Instagram stories she suffered a blown coolant line in her Nissan Altima. Her social media timeline certainly hinted she owned something like a Corvette but I guess not.

The #NoRapCapChallenge can go two ways. Either it’s an opportunity for people with real deal money to flex even more or its a chance for other people to call out influencers and their supposed rich lifestyles. Let’s see those titles!

If you haven’t already, a read through of the comments in his #NoRapCapChallenge post is gold with people showing off that they have titles to their Honda Accords, Nissan Altimas, and Chevrolet Malibus.

Are you ballsy enough to take the #NoRapCapChallenge and show off what you really own? Let me know your thoughts about this latest challenge in the comments below.


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