This bike thief will think twice, especially after receiving the people’s elbow, the next time he sees a bike sitting unattended with no one in sight.

This victim of bike theft knew that calling police would be a waste of his time, knowing exactly where his two-wheeled pride and joy was at that exact moment. According to a video shared by Fresno resident Desiree Reyes earlier this week (June 17,2019), no time was wasted doling out swift justice to this bike thief who really thought he got away, pedaling away on this man’s ten-speed.

Check out the video for shared online below. It’s a bit NSFW so, if you’re amongst fellow workmates, be sure to put on your Air Pods.

Details on this story are few and far between but honestly, stolen bikes and instant justice is a tale as old as time. Man steals bike, the owner gets tip where the bike is, and the owner either calls police or gets his bike back using any means possible.

That’s what happened here.

Driving alongside the bike thief, this Fresno man jumps out the side of the van he’s riding in and proceeds, as hinted at in my title, to unleash a fury of kicks, punches, and body slams worthy of the opening act the next time WWE comes to the Save Mart Center.

This bike thief never had a chance as this Fresno Man, presumably out of breath from his initial flurry of punches but still full of adrenaline, pulls out every conceivable move in his repertoire including a dropkick, several hulk smashes, and Twitter’s personal favorite, a Rikisihi-like finishing move ala flying Stinkface.

It looks like local news already reached out to Desiree for details and, according to Desiree, well, you can read her comment below.

I don’t know if he took his bike back or not so I’m guessing he did.

Don’t steal other people’s property, folks. If you do in West Fresno, you just might feel this man’s wrath


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