This friendly on-call plumber did not hesitate to help a Chino youth sort out his bike, free of charge.

One of life’s small shortcoming’s when you’re a kid is when your bike breaks down on you. That’s what happened to Yadi Arriola-Olazabal’s son earlier this week during an afternoon bike ride at Shady Grove Park, his bike a little worse for the wear with a bent sprocket. The situation took a turn for the better thanks to the help of an on-call plumber that was parked nearby, jumping in per his Mom’s request, fixing the boy’s bike without hesitating.

Check out a small gallery of photos of the plumber in action, doing his best to get this kid’s bike back in 100 percent working condition in no time.

Chino bike youth rotorooter
Tom the plumber quickly assesses the situation and, determines the necessary repairs this bike needs
Chino bike youth roto rooter
Tom the plumber inspects this kid’s bike drivetrain, making sure everything looks up to snuff.
Chino bike youth roto rooter
Tom poses with Yadi’s son, bike 100 percent.

According to Yadi, the plumber, later ID’d as Tom, could’ve easily brushed off her request for help. Plumbers are generally extremely busy, covering an area several cities wide, oftentimes on a tight schedule.

Anyone who’s ridden a bike knows how frustrating a misaligned chain is. Maybe Tom experienced something like this when he was Yadi’s son’s age, his bike broke and feeling just a tad helpless.

Armed with a set of pliers more suited to gripping copper pipes and undoing PVC joints then mending bike parts, Tom quickly assessed the situation, got to work, and fixed the boy’s bike, good as new.

Stepping in and helping, with no incentive other than knowing that you’re helping out someone in need, is the mark of a good person.

I’m sure both Yadi and her son will never forget Tom’s kindness. And, as these shared stories of random acts of kindness tend to do, Tom’s simple act will hopefully inspire others to step up when there’s an opportunity to contribute to the greater good.

Source: Chino Connects


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