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Ashley Barkis

Backlash forces woman caught assaulting an Asian man & spewing racist remarks after a...

"I really wish I pushed him harder & the car hit him and crushed his head. You d***b Chinese F***," Ashley Barkis replied in...
A driver in a Dodge Charger does a burnout while news reporter is reporting.

Dodge Charger driver rips a burnout while Telemundo reporter reports about street takeovers

The Dodge Charger driver did not make it onto the news. Telemundo 52 Reporter Carmen Marquez was setting up her shot for her news...
Dodge Ram drive without clothes walks away from Van Nuys crash naked

Dodge Ram driver caught on camera crawling out of Van Nuys crash completely naked,...

Another reminder to just say no to drugs. *If you're here from Reddit or Twitter, this blog post honestly doesn't add anything beyond what's...
La Cienega and Obama Blvd. car jacking

Los Angeles woman caught on camera allegedly getting her Chevrolet Camaro carjacked in broad...

It happened on the corner of La Cienega Blvd. and Obama Blvd. A truly bizarre video popped on up social media earlier last week. According...
Chino bike youth roto rooter

Local plumber helps Chino youth fix his broken bike without skipping a beat

This friendly on-call plumber did not hesitate to help a Chino youth sort out his bike, free of charge. One of life's small shortcoming's when...
Deer hit by car L.A.

Caught on camera: Three-legged deer hit & killed by LA motorist after crossing 405

Warning! The video below is extremely graphic,it's equal parts "nature is metal" and "LA Motorists really being doing the most." Los Angeles police had their...
parking standoff koreatown

Parking standoff of the century in Koreatown feat. a Black and Silver car

A parking standoff of epic proportions happened in Koreatown, it was all documented on Twitter for posterity's sake, and why #TeamBlackCar is trending. If you...
Acura Long Beach GP

Breaking: Acura takes over as title sponsor for Grand Prix of Long Beach

Acura carries on where Toyota left off as official title sponsor of Indy Car's Grand Prix of Long Beach. Acura is expected to announce later...

Video: Driver in Los Angeles/San Diego police chase hits scooter

Here's video of a driver of a stolen Honda Civic hitting a scooter head on. If you're looking for a video clip of that fleeing...
Mulholland Snake burned

POV Video: This is just how bad Mulholland Canyon Highway got burned by Woolsey

Youtuber and Mulholland Highway snake aficionado hiked up to his old perch to see just how bad the damage got from the Woolsey Fire. The good...
Mario Kart Los Angeles

Mario Kart racing coming to Los Angeles at secret location

If you want to dress up in Super Mario Bros. costumes and literally race your friends in real deal Go-Karts, if you're near Los...
Oakland Sideshow

LA street racing task force means more arrests, impounds, & quicker response from police

Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an agenda line item to create a task force to combat street takeovers, sideshows, street racing etc. Los Angeles...
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