A parking standoff of epic proportions happened in Koreatown, it was all documented on Twitter for posterity’s sake, and why #TeamBlackCar is trending.

If you think you’re the king of parking pettiness who won’t relinquish their potential parking spot for anyone, strap in because I’m about to post all the tweet from a parking standoff in Koreatown, Calif. of epic proportions. Mariah, who goes by the name of @mrhflrs, was 10 minutes into a parking standoff between two cars, a black Honda Accord and what looks like a silver Chevrolet Cruze.

Long story short, the Black Honda Accord is the one you SHOULD be rooting for in this upcoming story, the Accord drove by a parking spot in Koreatown and was reversing into it like you do when you’re parallel parking. Suddenly, from out of the blue, the Silver Chevrolet Aveo tries to steal their parking spot. What ensues is a standoff that goes for HOURS! With that back story, enjoy.

You’re going to have to click the link below to open it up on Twitter because it’s a 23 tweet story and I’m not going to exactly post every tweet for you below. That’s too much bandwidth, baby.

Starting at 6:35 P.M. the (Spoiler alert) black Honda Accord finally scoots forward into the opened up spot in front of him at 8:58 P.M. Some simple maths and yup, they really had a 2 hour and 23-minute parking standoff.

Technically, the silver Chevrolet Aveo ultimately got his way and took the spot but honestly, everyone knows that the Black Honda Accord get the “W” from the greater Twitter peanut gallery. That’s why #TeamBlackCar is trending.

I’m absolutely in love with this tweet, Mariah standing in front of the Aveo, the Accord seems to have driven off at this point.

And it doesn’t stop there, the queen of Twitter @ChrissyTeigen stans the situation and is also #TeamBlackCar.

Also, someone so aptly pointed out that this is life imitating art, specifically Season 3 Episode 22 of Seinfeld aptly dubbed “The Parking Space.”

The only way this story can get any better is if someone legit replies to Mariah’s cards.

What do you think about this parking standoff? Are you #TeamBlackCar or #TeamSilverCar? Neither? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: @Mrhflrs


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