Acura carries on where Toyota left off as official title sponsor of Indy Car’s Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Acura is expected to announce later today (Feb 5. 2019) that they’re officially taking over as title sponsor of the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Acura has some big shoes to fill and will probably not cement itself as a mainstay of the GP in its freshman year as title sponsor, under the shadow of such a prominent predecessor, but will have much to gain by taking over.

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News pretty much leaked out from the horse’s mouth earlier today when Acura tweeted and posted this video on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts showing their IMSA prototype making its way in digital projection form all over various Southern California marquees including Down Town Los Angeles, Venice Beach, and Highway one in Los Angeles.

As mentioned, Toyota of North America, or specifically the Southern California Toyota Dealers Association has been with the Grand Prix since 1975 when they first provided support to the Grand Prix with a pace car. Five years later they ratcheted up support as full-fledged sponsor where they stayed ever since. All that changed when Toyota moved its HQ from Torrance to Texas.

Now, with Acura taking over, literally every piece of digital, print, and other forms of media advertising the race will now to be known as the 2019 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach.

With the race weekend host to not only Indy Car but Formula E and Formula Drift the weekend prior, Acura gets to display their lineup of cars, which, by the way, are selling reasonably well, at all events. Expect the pace car to probably be the NSX.

In my opinion, a mainstay of the Long Beach GP definitely was the celebrity race. No word yet if Acura will make their own version. If they did, that would be the icing on the cake.

So, Indy Car fans, rejoice! The Long Beach Grand Prix has a new title sponsor and it’s Acura.

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