The Dodge Charger driver did not make it onto the news.

Telemundo 52 Reporter Carmen Marquez was setting up her shot for her news package reporting on street takeovers earlier this week when a driver in a Dodge Charger drove into her shot and ripped a fat burnout.

While the Charger’s shenanigans didn’t make it onto the news, Marquez was sure to clip the footage, which she shared on her personal Instagram.

Check out her post below.

The sight of a news reporter and their camera person attracts attention as before the Charger driver, some random lady walks up to Marquez to tell the camera that, “we need her…because, LA, they killin’ everybody out there.”

The impromptu burnout took place near San Pedro and Century Boulevard (exact place on Google Maps linked here,) one of three intersections in the Los Angeles area police responded to earlier that weekend for street takeover activity.

So, what a coincidence that some random driver would try to get his 15 seconds of fame doing something associated with what Marquez was reporting on.

That driver is not the brightest as, although the likelihood police would do anything with a video of a burnout, his plates were clearly, and literally caught in 4K.

It’s worth noting that a simliar, if not the same car, is on Street View from March 2022 (linked here) albeit without a white decal and with its stock exhaust. Is that one the burnout driver?

Burnouts can be charged as either reckless driving or exhibition of speed, both punishable by possible jail time, but, more likely, just a fine not to exceed $1,000.

You’ll also get two points on your driving record.

If you’re wondering, here’s her report on Telemundo 52.

Commenters on Marquez’s post reminded Marquez to take care.

“OMG, I was so nervous the lady was about to talk into that bus!,” @ABC7Ashley commented. “You handled it all so professionally though, well done.”

“Look at you out on the front lines,” @IreneDiaz also commented.

These news reporters are just trying to do their job. If y’all see them in the field and out in public, treat them like how you want to be treated at your work, with a bit of respect.


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