The grainy video does show dozens of stacked cars on fire, but did one EV cause it?

Emowitch Paulus, a Slovakian who, according to his Facebook profile, lives in Italy, is gaining a lot of attention for a video he shared earlier this May.

His video, posted below, shows dozens of stacked cars ablaze at what Paulus claims is a warehouse in the United States. With little space between each car, it’s easy to imagine cars setting each other on fire, one by one.

What does Paulus claim caused the fire? A single electric car whose battery presumably spontaneously combusted.

Since up, his video’s been viewed over 400,000 times and counting.

Is Paulus’s claim true, or did he pull that caption out of his a** as anti-EV propaganda?

Here’s what I found out.

First, here’s Paulus’s video and his caption first in Slovakian for the search engines, then translated in English.

“V USA na sklade elektromobilov ktore cakali na predaj klientom vznikol poziar ked bateria jedneho auta zacala horiet.

“In the USA, a fire broke out at a warehouse of electric cars that were waiting to be sold to clients when the battery of one of the cars started to burn.”

Long story short, Paulus is a lying sack of s**t.

No, his claim is not true, and it took me all of 20 seconds to fact-check by looking up “car yard fire,” heading to news, and looking for a thumbnail that matched the video.

According to sources listed below, the actual story behind this car fire is it happened earlier this year (Apr 28, 2023) in Australia at a car auction yard in Bibra Lake ( a suburb of Perth.)

Check these videos out covering the unfortunate incident.

Over 70 cars were destroyed in the blaze, with over 10 fire crews responding.

As of this blog post and from what I could find, no official cause of the fire could be found.

If it was actually an electric car that caused this blaze, it would be pretty obvious and reported on.

Ironically, it was most likely and statistically a regular gas car that caused the blaze seeing how, after a search of available electric cars in their 1000+ inventory of vehicles, only two popped up.

So, no, one electric car did not cause a car fire at an auction warehouse in the United States, it was most likely a gas car, and it wasn’t even in the United States, it was in Australia.

So, go f*** yourself Emowitch Paulus, with your misinformation.

-The GuardianGiant blaze destroys 60 vehicles at Pickles auction yard in Perth.
– ABC NewsBlaze destroys dozens of cars in Pickles Auctions car yard at Bibra Lake.
-Daily MailMassive inferno breaks out at a car yard, with more than 70 vehicles destroyed as firefighters tackle blaze.


  1. So, because an electric vehicle was not blamed for the blaze, there is not reason it could not have been an EV that started the fire. Sound logic. A fuel powered car was not blamed for the start of the fire either, so it must have been spontaneous combustion….or arson…or a lightening strike. For the comments about their inventory, I would assume the cars destroyed in the fire would be removed from their inventory list. Just a guess.

    • Did you not read the article?

      First of all there’s no reporting it was an EV cause, you know that would have been mentioned if it had been, and the original story was clearly a lie as it made up several ‘facts’.

      Yes the destroyed cars would be removed from inventory, just like any of the dozens sold daily…so again nothing to go on here.

      And yes there’s no proof an EV didn’t cause the fire, there’s also no proof a gas care didn’t cause the fire, there’s also no proof that an alien set the fire. What you have left is conjecture and speculation, not a smoking gun.

      The original story was propaganda. Period.


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