It happened on the corner of La Cienega Blvd. and Obama Blvd.

A truly bizarre video popped on up social media earlier last week. According to popular Instagram page @Un***iest, a fan-submitted video shows the confusing moment a man in red pants in front of a Los Angeles nail shop on the corner of La Cienega boulevard and Obama boulevard is actively holding a woman against her will in the driver’s seat of a Chevrolet Camaro while the woman screams, “Help, this guy’s stealing my car.”

The video only gets stranger from there. Check the video for yourself below and, just in case that goes down, there’s a mirror here.

Here’s where it all went down on Maps.

Presumably, the guy filming saw what was going down, whipped out his camera, and started filming. The man and woman involved in a struggle are weirdly matching, both wearing red and white.

“Yo, what’s going on?” the man asks.

“Help. Help. Help. This guy’s stealing my car.” The woman in the red track suit responds.

The guy in the driver’s seat gets the car started, hits “R” for reverse, and drives straight into the front of a parked minivan. If the van was not there, he would’ve easily reversed into the busy intersection.

“Give me my wallet!,” the woman screams as she chases the man onto La Cienega.

I assume the man took the keys to her alleged Camaro because we see both leave the car at the scene.

A quick google search did not bring up any other official news stories or arrest reports about this incident.

Of course, people in the comments had their theories.

Instagram user @Itswicc said, “Honestly, that looks like a couple fighting and not some random act…wrong is still wrong tho.”

@Missrosdes1 says, “It’s probably her BF that wanted to take her car, she always lets him drive. Today was stimi day and she ain’t want him to drive her whip to pick up ol’ girl.”

Regardless of what happened, a Camaro and some stranger’s minivan was damaged, and, taking her word for it, a wallet and keys were stolen, too.

Do you know what happened here? Let me know in the comments below.

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