Ms. Trump specifically called out everyone clowning on her V.W. Beetle

Twitter user @Alicebb__ shared a friend’s video from earlier this New Year’s weekend showing her go off on someone in a fit of road rage for following her closely for too long. Unbeknownst to her friend, the person she filmed and confronted was none other than famous mattress actress Teanna Trump.

When the internet caught wind who she filmed, everyone and their Mama replied with their .02. Strangely enough, a major plot point people are focusing on is how Ms. Trump drives a new-ish model Volkswagen Beetle (Dune edition to be exact) implying that all **** stars are supposed to be not money savvy and should all drive BMWs or something.

The video got so much attention, Teanna Trump sort of responded herself, filming her own video on Instagram stories and tweeting out a reply.

Check out the video for yourself embedded below and here’s a mirror just in case the original video goes down.

In the video, @Alicebb__’s friend is upset this Volkswagen Beetle is following her. Stopped at an intersection, she jumps out of her RAV-4 and walks up to Trump.

“This ***** keep on following me and I don’t know what her problem is, but let’s walk up to this car and find out what the **** the problem is. What’s your problem?!”

“Because you’re cutting me off –“ Trump responded

“You gon’ get your *** beat! *****, you gon’ get your *** beat! Leave me the **** alone! My son in the car! Leave me the **** alone, *****!” she replied.

Trump’s response

An Instagram video’s been uploaded to YouTube showing Trump’s response. It looks like @AliceBB__’s friend followed Trump to her destination before taunting and cursing her out some more.

Trump exits her vehicle and says,

“Ya’ll this girl is trying to fight me, you gotta see this.”

We can see the instigator continue to talk trash towards Trump. If this lady was truly worried about her son’s well-being, following someone and confronting them does not sound like a smart thing to do.

And, in response to everyone clowning on her V.W. Beetle Dune Edition, Trump tweeted this out.

A little road rage is one thing, but following someone is downright not the move.

And since you’re here, the Dune addition added exclusive colors, this one Sandstorm yellow, fender flares, and a .4 inch taller suspension to an otherwise normal Beetle. Consumer Guides called this V.W. a future classic btw. With a bit of off-road capability, this is the perfect Houston car. Brava on a cool car, Teanna.

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