An Army reportedly spotted the K-Pop star climbing out of a 911 earlier last year.

Being reportedly one of the highest-paid K-Pop groups of all time, earning as much as $57 Million in 2018 according to, and, with each member worth at least several million, it’s no surprise these guys love fast and expensive cars. According to @TheJiminPost earlier yesterday (Jan 4, 2021) one of BTS’s army confirmed that he (or she) saw Jimin climbing out of a Porsche Carrera earlier last year in June.

Check out the tweet below.

The Tweet reads,

“I saw him right when he got out of his car and he was riding a Porsche Carrera but I thought he was there for a private reason so I quietly passed by… But seriously the vibes were crazy, anyone could tell that it was a celebrity presence

The original post has since been deleted.

If this rumor is true, a post from 2017 showing Jimin riding in Porsche backs up this latest claim.

BTS fan @K00SVANTE added her .02, supplying us with a collage of all the cars BTS members are rumored to own. It’s just a screenshot #becauseprofanity. The tweet is linked here.

And my absolute favorite piece of creativity to arise from this rumor is this fan edit of Jimin advertising for Porsche. Seriously, well done! In only one day the Twitter video’s amassed 250,000 views and counting.

Other BTS members have described Jimin as overall nice, dependable, someone who hates to lose, but “only bad when his temper rises.” By extension, choosing a Porsche sounds like an excellent pairing for such a demeanor.

Porsches are some of the most dependable, high-powered sports cars on the market today. And, while the alphabet soup of safety like traction control, ABS, and Porsche Stability Management have all but “coded out” the disadvantages of Rear engine+Rear wheel drive, all Porsches eventually have their limits.

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