Proof that when it comes to high-mileage sports cars, the first gen NSX remains king.

VIN: JH4NA1185ST000265
License: 6KIJ691

Screenshots and photos from a for sale ad started circulating on Facebook for a 1995 Acura NSX for sale in Camarillo, California for $29,000. Those who know NSX prices know that’s a screaming deal, but, why so cheap? One look at the mileage shows why, this NSX has over 401,000 miles!

And this isn’t even the first 400,000 miles NSX I’ve blogged about. I posted a story about this street parked NSX with as many miles in 2019.

Check out photos of the ad and the NSX in question below.

I shared what I found on Facebook on my Twitter and @Blakesley_ came through with the entire car fax.

And, it’s all true, this NSX does indeed have that much miles.

Here’s the Car Fax for you to peruse below.

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As you can see, this is a three-owner car. (Well, now, four.)

The first owner leased this NSX brand new in 1995 and wasn’t exactly a slouch about it. For a little over a year, they put on 20,000 miles. Presumably they maxxed out their agreed upon mileage.

The second owner bought this NSX in 1996 and drove it around for 12 years and nine months, putting over 6,700 miles a year. When he sold it to the third and last owner, the mileage read 106,395.

The third owner, a deadset legend, owned this NSX for another 13 years and drove the s**t out of it averaging over 24,000 miles a year.

They did get into two minor accidents in 2017 and 2018 but, for that many miles, it was statistically bound to happen.

The last reported mileage was 393,601 and, as the for-sale ad shows, they kept driving it for beyond 401,000 miles.

The post got so popular that, as of yesterday, it’s already been deleted.

Someone on NSX Prime’s FB group posted this updated ad showing a higher price presumably to take advantage of the amount of messages he was getting.

Despite its mileage, an NSX is still an NSX.

If it made it to 400,000 miles, grabbing one in the 30s is still a deal for the driving experience you’ll get.

New, these 3.0L V6s made 270 HP and 210 lb-ft. If the fourth owner is reading this, put that bad boy on a dyno and give it a rip. Let’s see how many horses escaped.

Hopefully the new owner takes care of this NSX as well as its previous owners.

Here’s to half a million and beyond, 1995 Acura NSX.


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