No airbag, no seatbelt, and no insurance.

This Florida man is thanking his luck stars as, despite arguably being the worst driver on the road, he managed to escape falling asleep with what amounted to a mild concussion.

Redditor /u/Nelsva submitted dashcam footage to /r/IdiotsInCars from an accident earlier last year in December showing said Florida man barreling through this Stuart, FL intersection when, in his own words, he “dozed off” before colliding with OP’s car.

Check out the unfortunate and kind of funny collision below.

The accident happened at the intersection of US-1 Federal Highway and SE Indian St in Stuart (link to Google Maps here) at around 2 PM.

We see OP sitting in the left-most turn lane as traffic in the other lane is given the green light.

Our Florida man, driving what looks like a Hyundai Santa Fe, simultaneously drives forward and drifts into opposing traffic.

He hops the center divider and, at around 20 MPH, slams headfirst into OP’s car, pushing OP back several feet.

We can see the driver has air pods in his ears, his Hyundai Santa Fe sporting a mismatched, unpainted front bumper, hinting at this isn’t his first collision rodeo.

The collision sends him flying forward, his head slamming into his own windshield because of course he’s riding diry without a seatbelt.

“Said it was his boss’s car and they’d just gotten it fixed,” OP comments. “Oh, and it turns out it was uninsured, too. Welcome to Florida.”

As to his fate,

“Dude was ticketed for “no proof of insurance.” At some point an insurance policy was presented to the police for that violation but turns out the vehicle wasn’t covered on the policy at the exact time of the accident. Too much work for law enforcement to care anymore at this point.”

Friends, driving, while enjoyable at times, isn’t to be taken lightly, ever.

There are common sense basics you, not only should do, it’s against the law to not do these things.

I’m talking about making sure you have insurance, everything on your car is on the up-and-up (it’s not falling apart,) and, for Gawd’s sake, paying daggum attention when you’re behind the wheel!

You don’t want to end up like Florida man here, now with no car, no license, and thousands in debt (probably no girl, too.)

But hey, it could’ve turned out a lot worse.



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