Park Place Acura is remodel #1 of 270

Acura Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda shared a brief video on Instagram earlier yesterday (January 20,2023) from an afterhours Grand Opening featuring the first remodeled Acura dealership in Plano, Texas.

Park Place Acura is one of Acura’s newest dealerships, a blueprint all the other 270+ Acura dealerships will follow as they go through their own remodels.

Check out Ikeda’s video below plus some photos I grabbed off Facebook.

Since, according to Google Street View, at least the mid-2000s, most Acura dealerships looked the same, often a mirror image of a Honda dealership (often right next door,) a remodel was in order.

Acura dealerships in Cerritos, CA, Dallas, TX, and Glendale, CA.

Acura’s dealership color theme is ditching the white and blue for more premium shades of black, white, and grey.

Instead of a Giant Acura A the Acura logo is now accompanied by its own name in iconic Acura font.

The outside architecture, at least at this Plano location, arguably draws inspiration from Acura’s lineup, itself evolving from a sporty brand to a lineup worthy of its motto of ‘Precision Crafted Performance.’

In other words, the building looks modern, angular, and has a premium feel befitting to Honda’s luxury division.

If the strip lightning is part of the remodel, this new Acura look will look best at night, much to the annoyance of the environmentally conscious as the nighttime lighting adds to a car dealership’s already notorious light pollution.

Inside, photos on Google show the black, white, and grey theme carries over except this time there are touches of wood paneling and accents intersperced with a handful of choice plants.

The walls are plastered with exciting Acura product posters.

I’m getting airport lounge vibes if Acura had an airlines.

This upgraded new look will certainly set Acura apart from Honda when prospective shoppers drive by or pull into the lot.

If anything, the simplistic and monochromatic design highlights the real stars of the lot, the ones with actual vibrant color, the Acura cars themselves.

The Acura dealership will no longer look like a more premium Honda dealership now that it has a precision crafted upgrade with an Acura look all its own.


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