A flat tire on the line didn’t stop Piotr Wiecek from attempting a qualifying run at the latest Drift Masters European Championship round in Poland.

A flat tire would’ve spelled game over for at least one of your qualifying runs, but not for Piotr Wiecek when he knows he’s in fighting form and he’s swinging on his home court in Poland. Earlier today (June 28, 2019) Piotr Wiecek managed to score a 57 out of a possible 100 points despite one of his tire de-beading mid-run, Wiecek crossing the finishing line on just three tires and four wheels.

Check out the amazing video for yourself in this highlights video below.

This is the first time I’ve seen this course layout in Plock, Poland and boy, is it a technical one. With little real estate to accelerate but with plenty of corners to connect, this is one of the toughest drift courses I’ve ever seen.

As such, this course puts a lot of stress on your tires so, as you can imagine, you’d think it’d be darn near impossible to try and attempt to drift on three tires.

But, with one of the best drift chassis meant to swing it and built by one of the most professional drift teams, dare I say, in the world (Worthouse Drift), I’m sure that gave Piotr that bit of confidence and reassurance he needed to even think about making this run.

If you didn’t already know, the Drift Masters European Championship uses similar rules to US Formula Drift so two qualifying runs determines if you make the big dance A.K.A. Top 32 tandems.

A run’s a run and if Piotr didn’t lay down a solid effort on his first run, who knows what his second run had in store for him so Piotr took a calculated risk and literally went “balls to the walls.”

And it paid off. With a score of 57, this run gave Piotr a fighting chance at a Top 32 if his second run was a dud. Thankfully, Piotr scored a 91 on his second run and a 5th place qualifying position.

James Deane, Piotr’s partner in crime of the Worthouse drift team, scored a 97 qualifying second.

I get the added pressure of drifting in front of your hometown crowd. It’s a dream come true for any professional to bring the smoke under pressure in front of your fans and Piotr delivered.

You’re such a bada**, Piotr!

Did you think his run was as awesome as it looked? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!


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