This hotboi with suspension sponsored by eBay misjudged a clipping point and flipped hisĀ E36.

When you live in and around Mt. Madonna County Park and you’ve got your cheap racelands dialed in, you know Saturday’s drift day. Those were the weekend plans of this hotboi in an E36 slammed on gawd only knows what. Everything was going swimmingly until, as per the video I’m posting below, mother nature threw him a clipping point that just doesn’t move, a giant rock, resulting in him flipping his E36 a full 360 degrees, rotisserie style, before he somehow landed on all four wheels.

Check out the amazing bit of mountain drifting gone bad below.

The video above was originally posted on Ultimate Klasse Gruppe on Facebook.

You can tell that this E36 owner’s on something cheap because his entire car is bouncing around on a relatively bump-free piece of road.

Kudos to these kids for, at the very least, drifting on, according to OP, a piece of road near Mt. Madonna that’s presumably not frequented by regular drivers.

But, when you’re drifting in an area full of trees, nature, and surrounding undergrowth that isn’t maintained regularly, you’re going to run into obstacles.

That’s what happened here when he initiates early enough but, with what I’m assuming is a stock steering setup, starts to oversteer out of control and into a rock. Unfortunately for him, he hits the rock just enough to launch him into a barrel roll.

If there’s any silver lining to his drift gone wrong, at least he landed on his tires and not his roof.

OP doesn’t mention a tow truck in the comments on the original post so I’m guessing this BMW drifter drove home under his own power.

Like his friend says in the video, that’s how drift missiles are born.


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