This clown on a Lime Scooter in Dallas thought it was a good idea to hop on the interstate for fun.

I’m shocked but not all that surprised some Lime Scooter rider thought it’d be fun to hop on a freeway with cars whizzing by him. According to Youtube user and presumably Dallas resident Josh Weatherl earlier today (July 22, 2019) a lime scooter user interrupted his weekly morning commute by nonchalantly taking on fives lanes of Texas traffic, puttering along like there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing.

Check out the video that’s beginning to go viral below.

I-77 is one of the busiest Interstates in the United States servicing North Dallas. As such, there are always cars packing this freeway at all hours.

What would possess this scooter user to do something so asinine is beyond me.

A part of me suspects, and it’s probably the case, that this Lime scooter user documented his entire freeway journey somewhere on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or wherever for the Internet clout.

This Lime Scooter user is well aware that drivers in the United States are more or less civil when it comes to anomalies on the freeway and we, like some other countries, aren’t more likely to run you over.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.

The most this guy did was further infuriate literally hundreds, if not thousands of commuters with the ripple effect he caused when traffic inevitably slows to a crawl.

Ya, please don’t ride scooters on freeways unless you have a death wish. And even then, call someone who cares because it’s not worth it to go out like that.

Have you seen something so harebrained in your life? Let me know in the comments below.



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