When people think of Type-S, most think of the original TL Type-S. Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about this special hotted up TL.

With the CL Type-S already for sale and almost as a proof of concept of just how good their Type-S can be, Acura finally transferred over most of the goodies on the CL Type-S making a 2002 Acura TL Type-S variant, a legend in Acura luxury performance in its own right.

The tale of the tape should be familiar if you read yesterday’s blog, under the hood of the TL Type-S is the same 3.2L SOHC VTEC V6 with 260 HP at 6,100 RPM and 232 lb-ft between 3,500-5,500 RPM with a 6,900 redline, truly a Honda engine.

With that out of the way, here are 5 things you didn’t know about this gem of an early 2000’s machine.

TL and TL Type-S has the same MPG

I just found this out writing this blog and it holds true for the CL Type-S as well but there’s no MPG penalty for getting the more powerful engine. Both TL and TL Type-S come in at 19 MPG city and 29 MPG highway.

TL Type-S had a different Torque-sensing variable power-assist rack and pinion steering compared to standard TL.

Regular TL’s used a Variable, speed-sensitive, power-assisted, rack-and-pinion where steering assist is directly affected by how fast you’re going, more steering assist at lower speeds and less at higher speeds.

Type-S introduced a more sophisticated torque-sensing, power-assisted rack and pinion steering that supposedly gives a better road feel. All TL’s since then incorporate a torque-sensing power assist steering ever since.

Standard 17-inch TL Type-S wheels looked almost identical to CL Type-S wheels but are actually half an inch narrower.

If you’re ever in the market for OEM five-spoke TL Type-S wheels, be sure to bring your measuring tape if you don’t want too wide of a wheel. Where the CL Type-S are 17×7, the TL Type-S wheels are 17×6.5.

Both wheels use a 215/50R17 tire size so TL Type-S wheels probably won’t have more of a stretch compared to CL Type-S.

A bespoke leather shift knob with Type-S logo

One of the cooler standard interior items for TL Type-S was a leather-wrapped automatic shift knob with Type-S logo. Shifting the gate into Sportmatic meant a quick shift by nudging the shift knob fore or aft.

Acura TL Type-S Shift Knob
Acura TL Type-S Shift Knob

No manual option

Despite the CL Type-S sharing the same engine with the TL Type-S, Acura decided not to add a manual option, therefore, you couldn’t order a six-speed manual for the TL from the factory.

TL Enthusiasts, as resourceful as they are, have swapped manuals onto J32A2’s once mated to an automatic.

The general consensus is that there weren’t enough potential manual buyers to justify adding it as an option. Enthusiasts contend otherwise.

Do you have any other interesting facts about the TL Type-S? Let me know in the comments below!


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