Stance, it’s a lifestyle, and sometimes you have to go four-wheel spacers deep to be about that life.

When Max Snyder passed by this laid-out-low Honda Accord build at Import Expo DC earlier this weekend (Aug 10, 2019) he noticed a set of those new Accord Sport Touring wheels on a previous-gen Accord Sedan with some extreme camber. This wasn’t “adjust your camber kit for more camber, camber” this was “what in tarnation is going on with this setup, camber?!”

After a close-up inspection, Snyder couldn’t believe his eyes and snapped a photo, this Accord really had on four gigantic wheel spacers tucked behind each wheel. Check out his post that’s since gone viral in the stance nation community below.

Wheel spacers in the stance and fitment community are nothing new. It’s a widely accepted practice that, when you want to make a certain cambered look and don’t really have the extra cabbage to buy a set of wheels with custom specs, one, or at the most, two-wheel spacers in a pinch is OK.

But, to put on four-wheel spacers on an OEM wheel is unheard of and, in my opinion, just a bad look. Sure, you might fool a handful of passerby’s from 20 feet away, but come on my guy, who are you fooling here?

Supposedly this extreme fitment on stock Accord wheels was only to confirm wheel specs for new wheels he got but his feed says otherwise, with multiple photos, including roller shots of his Accord with his show setup.

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Although Honda’s brightest and best engineers build their suspension components to handle extreme abuse, this ain’t it chief. I’m sure no Honda suspension engineer designed their suspension to handle this type of abuse.

With so little contact patch on the road, I reckon, if put on correctly, his spare tire might have more traction.

If it’s for show, OK. But if you’re going out on the street with four spacers, please don’t.

What do all y’all think of this extreme camber build? Did he go too far? Let me know in the comments below!


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