This welder coming to the rescue to fix a broken latch mid-hockey game is one of the most Canadian things I’ve ever come across.

A welder from the crowd came to the rescue at a Grand Praire hockey game earlier last year (Nov. 18, 2018) by literally driving his truck and all its welding equipment on the ice, and fixing a broken latch that would’ve caused serious delay of game if someone didn’t step up.

Check out the social media posts that came out during and after the game including some video of the truck driving onto the ice.

As the posts above mention, during a league game in the Alberta Junior Hockey League with the Grand Praire Storm playing at home against the Fort McMurray Oil Barrons, a bench door broke, a faulty latch to blame.

I’m no student of hockey but presumably, bench doors are very important for safety as they are part of the barriers of the rink. Obviously, bench doors allow hockey players a safe way to enter and exit the rink.

I’d assume a broken bench door is akin to having a large hole in the ground near the perimeters of a football field or a swinging panel open near the warning track of a baseball field.

Supposedly there was more than one welder with his gear at the game which speaks to how honest-to-goodness the community of Alberta is.

It looks like that welder’s work was more than good enough because, according to the box score, the game went all three periods.

If you’re wondering, the Grand Praire Storm beat the Fort McMurray Oil Barons 4-1.

Have you ever witnessed anything more Canadian than a welder fixing a broken latch mid hockey game? Let me know if you have in the comments below.


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