This Black Man working as a Japanese railway attendant is receiving praise for doing a job that most would imagine only Japanese do.

A video of a Japanese Railway Attendant on Twitter has sort of gone viral. Most Japanese citizens wouldn’t take a second look at a Japanese Railway Attendant except this diligent worker of the Railway platform is a black man. In a country known for being homogenous and almost unwelcoming to foreigners, Japanese netizens are praising this man’s decision to take on such a visible job and doing it so well.

Check out the video making its rounds on Twitter below.

The video itself is rather uneventful. A Japanese Railway Station Attendant makes sure his assigned railcar doors close without any drama. There aren’t hordes of passengers like some bullet train stations in the middle of morning commutes.

With a quick one-two and a sweep of his finger, he makes sure there are no obstructions blocking the train’s path and, with no warning to the train conductor, the train moves on without a hitch.

Then, after the train leaves, he makes sure the rails are clear, too.

Presumably, he does this job hundreds of times a day, hours on end, without as much as a handshake of recognition or a “job well done” from commuters. Like most Japanese workers, I assume his salary is all he requires as a form of compensation. After all, people don’t work for free.

Those familiar with the job of Japanese Railway Attendant know that it is one of the most intense and physical jobs in Japan. As the job hints at, you have to be on your feet one hundred percent of the time and as vigilant as a hawk, making sure no passengers or obstructions delay trains.

According to one Station attendant on Glassdoor, there are

“…crazy 24 hours shift where you may only sleep four hours or less”

If you ask any foreigner what their dream job in Japan would be, most would probably say something like athlete, model, engineer, designer, artist etc. But Railway station attendant? Probably not.

Many in this particular Twitter thread asked why is it so noteworthy for just an ordinary person doing his job? The one who initially shared the video, one @BlackManJapan1, gives a pretty good perspective of what’s going on.

In addition, other replies shed some light on this man’s exemplary work.

Do you think this man’s work is noteworthy given that he’s probably not native Japanese? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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