Watch this modified Bugatti Chiron reach 300 MPH and then some on a one-way blast to vMax on Volkswagen’s Group test track.

They said it was only a matter of time and if there’s one car bred for high-speed blasts for the record books, it has to be the Bugatti Chiron. Earlier today, Top Gear UK had the privilege to announce that Bugatti had done it, using a modified Chiron made longer for stability at high-speed and an 8-liter quad-turbo engine nicknamed Thor, its test driver Andy Wallace blasted to a top speed of 304.77 MPH.

Check out the video for yourself below.

The amount of power and how this Chiron cuts through the wind in this vMax attempt left me with my mouth agape.

If you’re somewhat the slightest fan of these top speed runs, you’ll know that even the fastest cars with the largest engines struggle to gain speed above 200 MPH. You’re fighting against colossal amounts of wind that increases exponentially as you go faster.

Top Gear nonchalantly starts the video off at 200 MPH and this Chiron just climbs to around 280 MPH until everything the engineers have worked on comes into play.

Slowly but surely the Chiron makes its way to 300 MPH and beyond without a hint of drama from the car or the driver.

The Chiron is truly a marvel of engineering and this speed run is a testament to Andy Wallace’s bravery.

Although, as mentioned, this is a modded Chiron, don’t think for one second Bugatti isn’t going to make several of these special Chirons because they will invariably release a Chiron Super Sport Long Tail.

This car looks quite polished already with very little to clean up in terms of the overall design. Who knows what they need to button up under the engine cover.

Bravo, Bugatti, on proving that 300 MPH is nothing more than another hurdle.

Here’s to the Chiron Super Sport Long Tail and beyond 304 MPH.


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