Part-time amateur racer, Youtuber, and all-around car enthusiast Jackie Ding suffered a major setback with his track attack 2020 Toyota Supra when he slammed into a barrier.

With major capabilities to set a fast lap on the track right out of the box at a relatively affordable price, those with the disposable income are tracking their 2020 Toyota Supras and tracking them hard.

One of these pioneering and risk taking fellows is Youtuber Jackie Ding who has a long history of tracking imports but recently switched it up in a big way when he treated himself to a major project, a 2020 Toyota Supra.

Within six weeks of owning the Supra, Ding crashed. At a “The Speed Ring” event held at the M1 Concourse Racetrack in Pontiac, MI during the second session of the day, one of his tires found some grass, lost grip, and, well, watch it for yourself below.

“Misjudged it a tad. Went wide, maybe by like…I feel like I put the outside left tire on the grass and it just sucked everything in.”

Grass and tires together make a low coefficient of friction, which means you take longer to speed up and brake compared to a normal gravel road. You also lose a lot of your turning capabilities.

With no braking power and no way to get out of a bad spot thanks to grass, it’s no wonder that racetracks places soft tires to cushion your collision with their barriers.

Racing is inherently risky, no ifs and or buts.

No one likes to crash, but it happens. Props to Jackie Ding for setting goals on a comeback.

Jackie mentioned he’s transparent with this awful experience if only to get some money rolling in thanks to views. So do Ding a favor, watch the vid, and if those copywriters are doing a darn good job with their advertising, you know what to do.


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